Tip: Assemble an amplification group to grow your brand awareness

Though time-intensive, amplification groups are an extremely effective method of getting your content out there. Amplify your work by creating a group of people who will occasionally post your highest-quality pieces.

@randfish of SparkToro agreed to be an "amplifier" for a couple of acquaintances and he says he posts the content that he receives from them about 10% of the time. That's some solid promotion, especially considering that he's just one of maybe 50 amplifiers in each group. To leverage an amplification group of your own, Rand recommends putting together a list of 30-50 colleagues in your industry with small- to mid-range followings. Build relationships, either offline or by interacting authentically with their content. Then ask for their permission to send high-value content from time to time. Those who agree are your amplification group. Send a short email to the group via BCC every month or so with content that is perfect for their audience. And remember, it's only worth their while to open your email if you are consistently sending stellar content that brings them tons of engagement.

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