Tip: Batch your releases to decrease churn

Your first release is bound to have a few quirks. And while live users are a huge help when it comes to sniffing out issues, they may also bail when they find one. Batch your releases and start with your warmest leads to mitigate risk.

A batched release means fewer people will be affected by each bug. It also allows you to get feedback from friendly faces and iterate before releasing to people who might be less forgiving. And the result is lower churn right out of the gate. There are plenty of ways to execute a batched release, but consider taking a page from KP (@trulykp) of LetterDrop's playbook. He builds in public and creates a waitlist. When he's ready to launch, he shares it with his founder friends and mastermind group. He iterates on their feedback, then does a launch with his biggest supporters. Next comes the waitlist. Then his Twitter audience. And finally, he releases to the general public via IH and Product Hunt.

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    Being a team of two, this is actually my biggest fear regarding doing a big launch using Facebook ads (we previously launched a course well this way, but for a SaaS bugs could definitely happen). A progressive release definitely makes sense. Great tip!

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    Doing this now thanks to KP's advice actually! It's been working well and I feel less pressure each time I mini-launch

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      Glad it's working out! 💪

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