Tip: Boost conversions by displaying your forms one field at a time

Long forms add an unnecessary cognitive load, making it much more likely that users will give up. Help them convert by breaking the forms up and displaying each field individually.

People bail on forms all the time, it's just a fact of life. Even if you can't remove any fields from your forms, you can still increase the likelihood of conversions. Make your signup form (and any other form, for that matter) more accessible by displaying one question at a time. Gene Maryushenko (@genemachine) of Growth Design Insider has seen this work time and again. He even had one client whose conversions increased by 300%.

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  1. 4

    Does anyone know of a form plugin or tool that comes with this feature as an option?

    1. 3

      Typeform is the established tool here. There is also an open source framework called OhMyForm that mimics Typeform.

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    I can't believe this has only 5 likes.

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