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Tip: Boost conversions by leveraging the Fresh Start Effect

People are more likely to take action on a goal when something has occurred that resets the clock. Convert people who are on the fence by timing your campaigns with specific temporal milestones in your niche.

It's called the Fresh Start Effect. It's the reason that the keyword "weight loss" goes up significantly (~24%) in search volume (and gyms get a nice little boost) every January. But you don't have to wait until next year to encourage users to get a fresh start. It could be a new week, a new month, a holiday, a birthday, or the end of a fiscal year, for example. Really, any temporal milestone can be seen as a new beginning. And it doesn't have to be weight loss either. Any aspirational behavior will do — business aspirations included. Prospective customers will be more likely to purchase during these times, particularly if they were already on the fence. So consider looking into when these new beginnings take place in your niche (e.g. after a big Google update if you're targeting SEOs). Then create an email campaign leading up to them, offer deals, and otherwise make the decision super easy for them. And if they become customers, just make sure to help them hit those goals.

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