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Tip: Boost conversions by offering a 48-hour deal right before your trial ends

After a trial ends, your likelihood of converting a user decreases rapidly. Get more paid users by sweetening the deal with a limited-time offer right before trials end.

Surfer ($233k/mo) boosted their trial conversions by 33% with a well-timed offer. They have a seven-day trial and found that they got most of their conversions on days seven and eight, with a steep dropoff after that. Makes sense. So they decided that on the sixth day, they'd encourage signups by offering users added value (in their case, additional queries) if they signed up within 48 hours. They mentioned the deal in an email that went out automatically on the sixth day of the trial, with a link to their upgrade page. By signing up and replying to the email, the user would get credits added to their account. According to @Khircia, Surfer's head of marketing, it was the quickest boost to conversions that they experienced.

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