Tip: Boost retention with dark mode

Dark mode is on the rise and users seem to appreciate it, to the point that it can actually cut churn. Improve UX and retention by giving users the choice between light and dark modes.

Whether we're talking apps, websites, or emails, dark mode is having a heyday — and for good reason. It's easier on the eyes, enhances accessibility, saves battery life, and people just generally like it. In fact, when an Android app called LIFULL added a dark mode option, 21% of their users selected it, and they saw a 10% increase in retention for those users. It should be noted that dark mode adoption does seem to vary according to your audience, with tech-savvy crowds being right at the top. One poll of developers showed 82.7% adoption of dark mode when available. So consider creating a dark design for your product and allowing users to make the decision for themselves. It's a decent time investment, but it could be worth it, depending on your market. To get you started, here's a list of best practices in dark mode design.

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  1. 3

    I released dark mode for Zlappo recently, and oh my dozens of users immediately switched to it.

    I never knew it was such a popular feature.

    I don't know about retention etc. yet, but I've had a lot of qualitative feedback saying they love it.

    1. 1

      That's awesome, thanks for weighing in! Would love to hear about any numbers around retention once it's been live for a while.

  2. 2

    Totally agree! Been using dark-mode wherever possible, mobile, whatsapp, slack, chrome, you name it... With the last companythat I was working for, adding a dark mode increased in-app sesions considerably. The 90-day retention rate grew too (numbers were not as high as 10% though, bu yes we did see a spike)! Users just love it.

    1. 1

      Love it. It's great to hear that others are seeing a spike in retention from it 🙌

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