Tip: Boost revenue with highly-relevant ads by selling slots to your podcast guests

Who better to advertise on your podcast than your guests? Bring in extra revenue by selling ad space to your already-warm podcast guests.

@RealNathanLatka 's Podcast, The Top, brought in $1.5 million last year. Obviously, a lot goes into that, but one thing that works for him is monetizing his guests. Nathan sells them advertising slots on his podcast, and it's a slam dunk. After all, he already has a relationship with them, they know the value his podcast brings, their target audiences overlap with Nathan's, and they're obviously seeking promotion. Plus, if their episode has already aired, the audience will already be warmed up to them. And as if that's not enough, Nathan clinches the deal by making his guest's cost per acquisition his problem. If it's too high at the end of the campaign, he'll give them extra promotion via email and social media.

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