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Tip: Boost revenue with paid trials

Free trials are a smart choice when prospects are cold, but warm prospects may be another story. Consider charging for your trial in order to increase revenue.

Like many companies, Ahrefs offers a 7-day trial; but the difference is that they charge $7 for it. While this is an unusual choice, it's working for them. And the reason seems to be that people who land on their site are already warmed up — they know what Ahrefs does and the value they provide. How do they know this? Because most of them come from Google to their blog, which happens to talk about the product's features a lot. Many others come from word of mouth, which is bound to come with some context about the product. And then there are those who come from their courses, which are essentially low-key tutorials. So by the time a visitor is considering a trial, they'll probably be willing to part with a few dollars. Not only does this boost revenue, but it decreases support costs for low-intent users too. If you're in a similar position, consider giving it a shot. If not, follow Ahrefs' example and start warming up your visitors.

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