Tip: Boost sales by displaying a product's number of views and purchases

Social proof is a powerful factor in decision-making. Get more sales by displaying how many times your product has been viewed and/or purchased.

A recent study showed that displaying the number of views a product has can increase purchase intent by up to 56%. Similarly, displaying the number of purchases a product has can increase purchase intent by up to 58%. So consider adding these metrics to your product pages. If you don't have many purchases yet, start by displaying views. At a certain point (roughly 1500 views in the study), the effect may reverse. So when you've got a good number of sales, switch over to those. Displaying both can actually work well too, as long as your conversion rate is 5% or higher. If you have multiple products, don't leave any out – displaying these metrics on some but not others will hurt the products that don't have them.

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    Interesting read! 🤯

  2. 3

    Correct. That's why I have created https://trustisto.com - a social proof set of tools for e-commerce.

  3. 1

    The caveat should be that you wait until you have impressive numbers, otherwise you'll have negative social proof.

    1. 1

      Yes, that's an important caveat for sure 👍

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