Tip: Boost your click-through rate by adding GIFs to your emails

There's a surprisingly simple (and fun) way to increase your click-through rate. Make your emails more engaging and effective by conveying messages visually through animated GIFs.

We all love GIFs. When added to emails, these fun tidbits can be used to entertain, capture attention, evoke emotion, bring products to life, and even educate. And they do all that in a blink, which makes them all the more powerful in this attention economy. When Bluefly started using GIFs in their emails, their click-through rate increased by 5% and dollars spent by customers went up by 12%. Then there's Dell, which actually saw a whopping 42% increase in their click-through rate. And they're not alone — 72% of email marketers who use GIFs record increased click-through rates. To employ GIFs effectively, be sparing and make sure that each one has a specific benefit. And since some versions of Outlook only display the first frame, position the most important info first. To get started, there are plenty of fun GIFs available online, and you can make GIFs specific to your product with services like Giphy and GIFMaker.me.

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  1. 2

    This stat really surprises me. I usually find GIFs in emails off-putting, but now I may have to reconsider my stance. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 1

    Thanks for sharing. Honestly, I wasn't aware that the inclusion of GIF could increase the click rate to the emails. I don't have any statistical data, but if any study shows that GIF increases the click-through rate that it would be the revolutionary thing for email marketers. Indeed, I love to create GIFs like tools like these https://bannerboo.com/create/animated-gif-banner/ and https://www.lifewire.com/free-gif-makers-1357013 for my web and social media advertising campaigns, but I don't bother to click on GIFs attached with emails.

    However, as an open-minded entrepreneur, I totally respect your opinion and would like to debate how GIF animation can change the results of email marketing. I would like to know your further points in support of GIF and email marketing.

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