Tip: Boost your click-through rate by including a P.S. in your emails

Don't let your most important content get lost in the middle of your emails. Add a postscript to get your point across and increase clicks.

Thanks to the serial-position effect, people tend to pay attention to postscripts. And that makes them powerful tools in newsletters and email marketing campaigns. You can use a postscript to restate key benefits, repeat a CTA, share valuable information, make a request, or add a personal touch. Just make sure to be sparing when it comes to hard sells. Tim Ferriss does it well in his 5-bullet Friday newsletter. He usually offers a valuable piece of information in his postscripts, which trains his subscribers to read them. And he occasionally capitalizes on that by using the postscript to promote something or ask for favors like shares and reviews.

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    I usually try to use a post-script message, usually to add an extra personal touch or apologize again for troubles during support conversations.

    I think now I may try to (sparingly) add a call to action every once in a while. Thanks!

    1. 1

      Nice, good luck! 💪

  2. 2

    That's actually a good one! Thanks for sharing this @growthbites!

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