Tip: Bring inactive users back into the fold by crediting their accounts

If a user becomes inactive, they may just need a little nudge. Give them that nudge by crediting their accounts so that they can use the service again — on you.

If you've got dormant users, you may be able to get them back in action by crediting their accounts. Send them an email to let them know that the next month (or two) is on the house, and invite them to come back and take advantage of it. This approach of adding funds to the account can work for paid users with failed billing or cancellations. And it can work for inactive free users too if you upgrade their accounts temporarily.

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    Make sure to also have an unsubscribe button though. There was a startup that got my attention this way, their subject line was: "You just got 30 X Credits". Which was nice, I checked them.

    But then they kept sending that message each week and I had no option to unsubscribe. I had no choice but to report them as spam.

    Some other interesting subject lines I've seen:
    "120 Credits Were Just Added to your X account" >>> having "just" made the subject line newsworthy and made me more curious to check them out

    "320 Points Just Added Until December" >> it was interesting that they used a bit of scarcity in this one

    1. 1

      For sure, that's a great point! Thanks for weighing in 🙌

  2. 2

    Thanks for sharing this!

    My product ruttl is almost in the final stage of getting launched officially. I will keep this tip in mind.

    1. 1

      Nice, good luck! 🚀

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