Tip: Build backlinks with the teammate technique

People are more likely to link to your article if you proactively offer them a way to improve their own content. Boost your SEO by finding gaps in articles and reaching out to help the authors fill them.

Itamar Blauer increased his referring domains by 553% in one year using an SEO tactic called the "teammate technique". He has a 45% outreach success rate with it and the backlinks have been some of he highest-quality links that he has ever built. Plus, he improved his visibility and formed relationships to boot. The idea is to provide value to the website owner by helping them to improve their content and/or skills — essentially, you're becoming their teammate. Start by creating a top-quality piece of content that shows your expertise. Try to include sections that go beyond the scope of what other people are writing about. Then find content on the topic that lacks either these sections or other key points. Itamar offers the example of writing a Youtube SEO article and then targeting articles that don't include information about cards or end screens. You can find these articles with a simple Google search: intitle:youtube seo -cards -"end screens" -"end screen". Once you have a few prospects, reach out (see his outreach template) — people are more likely to be receptive since it will directly benefit their content. Itamar even offers to jump on a call to walk them through it if they're unfamiliar with what he's suggesting. And of course, in the end, he gets a link to his content in return.

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