Tip: Clean your email list to improve email deliverability

Your sender reputation determines whether your emails are delivered, and being marked as spam is a sure way to damage it. Maintain a good reputation by emailing only the subscribers who actually want your messages.

It's important to clean your email list, especially if you use a single opt-in. If you don't clean it, you may fall victim to spam traps, old email addresses, email addresses with typos, and forgetful subscribers marking you as spam. That lowers your sender reputation score, damaging your deliverability and decreasing the ROI on your email campaigns, particularly if your email marketing service charges by volume. If you track email opens, check your list at least once a year (preferably more) and find out who isn't opening your emails. You can ask them to opt in again or simply remove them. This will keep your deliverability high, ensuring that your readers and customers actually receive your emails. Get started manually, through your email service's features, or with email scrubbing tools like Verifalia and Zero Bounce.

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