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Tip: Convert more leads with industry-specific landing pages

If your B2B serves multiple industries, it can be difficult to position yourself effectively. Improve your positioning and boost conversions by creating a landing page for each industry and allowing visitors to browse them on your site.

By creating multiple industry-specific landing pages, you can focus on the features, benefits, case studies, testimonials, etc. that are most likely to convert each type of lead. Then, with good SEO, those landing pages can snag some organic traffic from niche keywords (e.g. "[product] for [industry]"). You'll also have a place to send readers from any industry-specific blog posts (or outreach) that you write. And by listing the industries on your site for all to see, you can get visitors who are already perusing your site to self-identify and find the right landing page for them. Salesforce is a good example of this — they have a "Products" section that you can browse "By Need" and "By Industry." And you can bet that when a visitor sees their specific industry mentioned, their confidence in the product goes way up.

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