Tip: Create a content hub to increase your organic traffic

Experimenting with new types of content can be a valuable practice. Try creating a content hub to boost your SEO and own the authoritative resource on a niche topic.

Brian Dean of Backlinko gets 28% of his organic traffic from content hubs. A content hub is basically a page dedicated to a general topic broken up into subtopics. Each of those subtopics then links to multiple resources that you've written. Each resource is designed for people who are searching for facts and practical steps (rather than opinions), so they'll be written more like a Wikipedia page than a blog post. And each resource should be optimized for a single (usually long-tail) keyword. Take a look at this example to get a feel for it. As to why this works so well for Brian, these hubs create many internal links, which is great for SEO. Plus, content hubs can become authoritative pieces on topics in your niche — probably more so than a typical blog post.

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