Tip: Create a loyal community by giving your brand a face

Most people want to do business with a human, not a faceless brand. Show off your mug to grow a community of advocates and set your company apart.

@guillaume_lemlist of Lemlist, @harrydry of Marketing Examples, and our very own @csallen all have something in common: They are the faces of their respective brands. Putting yourself front-and-center is a reminder to your audience that a real, live person is behind your company. It fosters a sense of community and inspires customer loyalty while setting your company apart from your faceless competitors. And studies back this up with evidence that faces draw attention and create trust. Plus, it doesn't hurt that you'll be growing your personal brand while you're at it. So put your face on your visual content. Sign off with your name and photo after each post. Write your website's "About" page from your own perspective. Take interviews and speak at events, webinars, etc. And don't hide the quirks that make you unique — lean into them.

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