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Tip: Create "guestographics" to get quality backlinks

Infographics can be powerful additions to articles, and that makes them a good opportunity for quality backlinks. Boost your SEO by finding relevant pieces of content and providing guest infographics.

Nadya Khoja has been creating infographics for other people's content for years. Why? Because these "guestographics" earn strong backlinks, improve her SEO, and build connections in her industry. Nadya suggests the following steps. First, search for likely content. The best options will be listicles (since they're easier) that are relevant to your audience and that use keywords relevant to your brand. The site should have a solid domain rating too. Once you've found some good options, reach out to each site's content editor. Be direct and make the value of what you're offering clear. Follow up if need be. When you get a positive response, you could either put together an infographic right away or, as Nadya advises, ask them for the following info to reduce edit requests: Primary headers, bullet points, preferred colors, brand colors and fonts, brand logo, and call to action. Then design it using a tool like Canva or Venngage, and tastefully put your own logo on it. Give it to the website so they can add it to their article (while linking you, of course) and promote it. And don't forget to share and promote their article yourself.

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