Tip: Create Web Stories for your articles to increase traffic

Movies wouldn't sell many tickets without trailers. Increase traffic to your site by creating Web Stories that serve the same purpose — summarizing and promoting your content.

WordLift boosted their traffic by 504% and got over 263,000 impressions in a few days with one simple Web Story that became popular on Google Discover.

To get a similar boost, Andrea Volpini of WordLift suggests taking your top-ranking articles and creating Web Stories to summarize (and essentially act as trailers for) your articles. Use tools like MakeStories or Newsroom AI to create the Stories. Or if you use WordPress, try Google's Web Stories Editor. And, of course, you can always code it yourself. The Stories should be concise and easy to consume. Use videos and animations when possible. Make them more skimmable by numbering the frames. And use jump-links to bring users to key points in the articles. Once you're happy with the Story, publish it on your site and make sure that Google can index it by linking to it from your article, creating a dedicated sitemap for your Stories, and adding a navigation link from your homepage to a Web Stories landing page.

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    I find Makestories a very useful tool for creating great article, better than Newsroom Al or Wordpress.

  2. 2

    Thanks for mentioning those tools. 👍
    Nice share

  3. 1

    I did notice Google App is full of of Firework stories after their funding into it.

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