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Tip: Decrease your bounce rate by adding search functionality to your blog

Internal search features aren't just important for e-commerce sites — they're also beneficial for blogs. Cut your bounce rate and increase engagement by adding search functionality.

Site search can help you get the most out of all those juicy articles on your blog. According to Cyrus Shepard of Zyppy SEO, when a user lands on your site from Google, you can reduce your bounce rate (and improve your rankings) by allowing them to search your site instead of going back to Google to search there. If they stick around, they'll become more familiar with your brand, your content, and your offerings. And, assuming that they find your content valuable, they'll be more likely to return in the future (and subscribe). So if you don't have a search box in your blog yet, consider adding one. Most blogging platforms have an option for this. And if you're on a big platform like WordPress, there are plenty of solid plugins to choose from, like Search by Algolia and Search Everything.

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