Tip: Define niche keywords and create a glossary to boost traffic

If your niche has its own lingo, it may be an SEO opportunity. Consider getting quality traffic and backlinks by defining niche keywords and creating a glossary.

You can find people who are interested in learning about your niche by writing definitions for niche terms. Some of these people may even be researching for an article, which could mean backlinks. Head to a site like Ahrefs or SEMrush and look for terms where the SERP returns definitions. Even better, search for "what is" keywords. You might be surprised by the lack of quality competition. If you think your target audience will search for these low-competition terms, define each one in a blog post. Start with a concise definition, but then go into more depth than your competition. Link to your related articles and, once you've got a few definitions in the bag, link them to each other — this comes with its own SEO benefits and makes your site more sticky. Then, if you feel good about the results, create a glossary page on your site to act as a content hub.

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