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Tip: Drive traffic to your site with branded GIFs

You may never have heard of GEO, but it's SEO for GIFs and it's a thing. For a high-visibility, low-input channel, create branded GIFs and optimize your keywords for Giphy.

It only took @Sheepp of SEOwl an hour to make 49 meme GIFs, but within about a month, he had over 350,000 impressions on Giphy. The GIFs were specific to his niche and displayed his website as a watermark. It's hard to track exactly how much these impressions pushed the needle for Jason, but getting that many eyes on his brand with very little time and no money is pretty sweet. It won't work for every brand, of course, but others have reported similar success. Just create a brand channel on Giphy. Then create a niche GIF using their platform. And don't forget to optimize your keywords. You'll want 10-20 highly-specific keyword tags using your brand name, niche terms, and descriptors of the GIF.

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