Tip: Embed your videos in blog articles to increase traffic

If you're already creating video content for YouTube, you can repurpose it to increase your site's organic search traffic. Bring in new visitors by simply adding these videos to your articles.

Sure, the "Videos" tab on Google is largely made up of YouTube videos, but it also includes videos from web results. And that means that video traffic can land on your site instead of YouTube. Ahrefs, for example, gets roughly 2% of their organic search traffic through videos that they've embedded in their articles. So after you upload your next video, find a relevant article that would benefit from the additional content, and embed it there. If nothing suits, write a new article to go with the video or vice versa. Embedded videos are especially powerful if you're in a niche that puts a premium on visuals.

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    I've had some success with having videos transcribed and using that as a basis for creating an article. Embed the video in the article, add in some other helpful information, then add in the transcribed copy for those who like to read vs watch.

    Also, have taken successful content articles, and created short video/animations that summarize the article's main points. Those get uploaded to YT, linked to the article, and also get embedded in the article too.

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      Right on! That's some good content repurposing 💪

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