Tip: Employ a B2B2C model to grow your consumer-facing product

If you've got a B2C product, you might be able to harness the power of other companies to grow. Consider expanding your focus to enterprise customers who can sell your product for you.

Jacob Jaquet (@jacobj132)of Rezi ($8,000/mo) recently launched a feature designed to bring enterprise customers into the fold. Now, instead of just working directly with consumers, he works with businesses so that they can offer his product to their users. This has already put his brand in front of new eyes, to the point that it increased his userbase by 5%, or 2,550 people. And while this isn't always the case, Jacob's end-users still see his brand — it isn't white-labeled. So think about how other organizations can benefit from giving your product to their customers. Many companies are open to this type of partnership, and some might even pay.

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