Tip: Find unlinked mentions and request a backlink to increase traffic

People may be mentioning your brand without linking to your site. Don't leave that traffic on the table. Run a quick search to find mentions of your product and ask for a link.

High-quality backlinks mean more brand awareness, more referral traffic, and a boost in the search rankings. But all too often, founders and their companies are mentioned without being linked. To remedy this, all you've got to do is find unlinked mentions and reach out about adding a link. Since they already know who you are, these warm emails have a high conversion rate. A simple Google search will get the ball rolling: "your product's name" -site:yourwebsite.com. But services like BuzzSumo and Ahrefs will be more efficient, as you can set filters (like Domain Rating) to find the best options. Speed is a factor too since people seem to be more likely to make edits to recent posts. So set up alerts for your brand with Google or the services mentioned above.

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