Tip: Focus on real prospects first by charging waitlisters $1 to skip the queue

Waitlists are great for gaining momentum pre-launch, but they're often chock-full of people who aren't really that interested. Put your energy where it counts by charging a nominal fee to jump to the top of the list.

Separate tire-kickers from future customers by charging a small fee (e.g. $1) for waitlisters to get to the head of the queue. Not only will this tell you who's serious, but it'll put those people at the front of the line, right where you want them. When you release your product to this first group, the response will be more aligned with your target market. That means you can focus on the feedback that really counts and the people who are more likely to stick around. And hey, a few extra bucks might help to keep the lights on while you launch.

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