Tip: For happy subscribers, use your welcome email to start a conversation

With 50% open rates, it's tempting to use your welcome email to make a sale. Instead, get the relationship started on the right foot by asking how you can be of service.

Your welcome email sets the tone for your entire relationship with a new subscriber, and it should therefore provide value. An upsell is one way of doing that, but prioritizing the relationship can pay dividends long-term. @joshspector of For The Interested's welcome email promoted various products and resources until he decided to cut it down and focus on starting a conversation instead. He asked how he could help, letting the subscriber know that he would respond to them personally. Then he offered advice and resources according to the content of their individual messages. Not only did people love the personal touch, but he learned a ton about his readers. As for all that stuff he had been promoting, he created a landing page for it and included a single link in the email.

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    Hey @growthbites! Yeah it's a brilliant way to build a relationship. For my brand new project theemailschool.com I personally email welcome letter to every single email subscriber. And it works. I received quite a few replies. It helps me to understand imediately what I'm doing right or wrong because people would tell me that after couple emails.

    P.S. Who is behind Growth Bites?

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      Nice, thanks for weighing in! Growth Bites is an IH series 😎

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