Tip: For more sales, display testimonials that follow a tried-and-true formula

Testimonials are one of the best forms of social proof, and you can make yours even more effective. Boost trust and sales by using testimonials that follow a specific formula.

Customer testimonials boost sales by 62%. And according to Brian Dean of Backlinko, you can make your testimonials 10x more effective by using a specific formula. The testimonial formula consists of three parts: Before, after, and what they would tell someone about the product. So you start by making it relatable with something like, "Before buying [product], I struggled with [problem]." Then show how the product was helpful with, "Then I bought [product] and now I don't struggle with [problem] anymore." And then bring it home with a recommendation from the customer, like, "If you've ever struggled with [problem], I recommend buying [product]." So when selecting testimonials, make sure to pick those that follow this progression. And if you're requesting testimonials from customers, you can even offer one that uses this format as an example to inspire more like it.

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