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Tip: Gain new followers by using your socials for customer support

Your social media followings are a huge asset, but they aren't always the easiest to build. Offer chat support via Instagram to grow your following.

Vishal Sirur of Digital Actually started using Instagram for chat support on an e-commerce site and increased its Instagram following by nearly 10x. To get people heading to Instagram for support, they added a message in their Intercom chatbot offering a 15% discount for doing so. Just like that, many of their website visitors became engaged followers. And according to Vishal, it boosted their customers' trust in the company too. Of course, it's important not to make things difficult for your customers — for best results, continue offering support through your normal channels as well.

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    Thank you for the mention. I am here to help. Do ask me if you need any help with your business, happy to lend a hand. Cheers to the Indie Hackers Community :)

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