Tip: Get an advisor to help your business grow

It pays to have a connected industry-expert going to bat for you. Grow your business by finding an advisor who fills a gap, and paying them in services.

@ArgentAaron of Argent Strategies recently onboarded an advisor who is an industry expert with connections to Aaron's target customers. Instead of paying the advisor or giving him a stake in the company, Aaron pays him in services and referrals. And the relationship is already helping both him and his clients. To find a quality advisor, you'll need to build relationships with experienced (and connected) people in your industry. Interact at events, on social media, and wherever else people in your industry hang out. Founders of similar businesses that aren't direct competitors are a good place to start. And they don't need to be high-profile. Even a friend could work if they're knowledgable and willing to be brutally honest. Of course, you'll have to make it worth your advisor's while, but it doesn't have to break the bank — get creative.

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