Tip: Get backlinks by giving your product to nonprofits for free

Quality backlinks are essential to SEO. Boost your SERP rankings by giving your product away to nonprofits in exchange for a backlink.

Many companies get SEO juice from nonprofits by sponsoring or donating in exchange for a backlink. But if your budget is tight, there's a cheaper way — offer them your product (or service) for free. As long as onboarding new users is cheap, it won't cost much. And it may be worth it to get a little boost in the rankings. If you think your product would be helpful to a nonprofit, reach out. Offer it for free and ask for a shoutout on their sponsor page, blog, or somewhere similar. Since most have a pretty small budget, they're often up for this type of arrangement.

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      I have to dig very deep to add any valuable comment here. And I can't do that this week as I have my exams going on.

  1. 1

    Curious - has it been tested, any metrics we can look up to?

    1. 1

      We did some digging before posting and didn't find any helpful numbers 🤷‍♂️. That said, sponsoring nonprofits for backlinks has been a tactic in the SEO world for quite some time, and this is just a slightly different way of going about it.

      If you give it a shot, let us know how it goes! 🙌

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