Tip: Get customers from your videos by linking your lead magnet in 3 key places

Videos are an incredibly valuable type of content, but lead generation can be a little tricky on Youtube. Turn viewers into customers by placing a link to your lead magnet in three strategic places.

According to Ahrefs, who appear to have a highly effective video strategy, the first steps to turning viewers into customers are pretty obvious: Target videos that will get the right kind of traffic (i.e. your target market), and create high-quality videos. Simple enough (though not necessarily easy). Next, here's their breakdown of how the popular YouTube channel, ILoveBasketballTV, gets those conversions: 1. Link your landing page or lead magnet at the end of the video using YouTube's end screen features. 2. Add the link to your description. 3. Comment with your link and pin it. These three placements will greatly increase the number of leads that you generate.

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