Tip: Get more customers by automating the production of personalized videos

Videos are powerful marketing tools as they are, but personalized videos are a cut above the rest. The trouble is that they're time-consuming. To increase email engagement at scale, automate your video personalization.

Compared to your run-of-the-mill video, personalized videos get a higher click-through rate by 164% and they close more deals. They're great for personalized outreach, upsells, relationship nurturing, and re-engagement. And luckily for us, personalized videos are now more scalable than ever. Start by segmenting your audience, if you aren't already doing so. Plug this data into a service like Pirsonal or Rocketium. Then create a video template that swaps out text, audio, imagery, and so on according to the recipient's data. You'll want to grab the viewer's attention immediately by personalizing something (usually their name) right at the start of the video. Email is usually the best way to distribute these, so make sure your video platform integrates with your email platform.

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    Love this idea!!! Would really go for a less expensive option. May just hack something together on my end to start with - individual video exports or something until we can pay for it.

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      I like your style 💪

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