Tip: Get more downloads by launching a polished mobile app instead of an MVP

We all know the power of an MVP. But while getting to market quickly is important, it may need to take a backseat for some mobile apps. If the app store will be your primary growth channel, consider waiting until your app is polished.

According to one study, the most important factor in the success of an app is whether it gets featured in the top charts (e.g. "New and Noteworthy"). To get featured, your app needs to be polished. And your chances of getting featured are best right at launch — particularly for paid apps, which are less likely to be featured later in their lifecycles. Ipso facto, if you're building a mobile app and the app store is going to be your main channel of growth, an MVP isn't going to cut it. So leverage Testflight, Google Play Console, and even web prototypes for alpha and beta testing so that the app is ready for the spotlight when you launch. Even if you don't get featured, it'll help you get downloads and good reviews — another key element according to the study.

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