Tip: Get more organic search traffic by using shorter URLs

Keeping your URLs succinct creates a better user experience which can translate into more clicks and higher search rankings. Try to keep your URLs below ~70 characters to increase traffic.

According to one study, there is a correlation between short URLs and higher rankings on Google, with pages that are ranked #1 having an average of 9.2 fewer characters in their URLs than pages at #10. Of course, correlation is not causation. While some believe URL length may directly impact SEO, it's likely that it's mostly due to better UX which leads to indirect SEO benefits. For example, since shorter URLs are easier for users to parse, they're more likely to click, share, and so on. Speaking of which, even if you aren't sold by the ranking correlation, short URLs also have a higher click-through rate. So how short are we talking? Every situation is different but keeping it under ~70 characters can be a good general goal. And remember, this is just something to keep in mind going forward — don't go back and shorten old URLs, as that can quickly become an SEO nightmare.

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