Tip: Get more reviews (and sales) by framing your product as an experience

Reviews provide strong social proof and lead to more sales. Get more reviews by framing your product as an experience.

Reviews are good for business and, in general, experiential products receive more reviews than non-experiential products. For example, of Amazon’s top 30 most reviewed products, 28 are mostly experiential (think video games, movies, etc.). This is probably because they create more of a connection with the customer. And you can benefit from this by framing your products as experiences. In fact, in a 2019 study, this approach resulted in 8-12% more reviews. It should be noted that the study looked at physical products on Amazon, but it's reasonable to assume that the effect would take place on other marketplaces and with other kinds of products. So, while it's important to address performance, features, and so forth, consider focusing your promotional content on the feeling of using the product. That means emotional responses, social moments, and the narrative of reaching one's goal by using the product. The idea is to get customers to imagine what it's like to use the product themselves. But remember that the boost in reviews can cut both ways — make sure your product is solid before framing it this way.

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