Tip: Get more traffic by adding topics from high-ranking articles to your post

If your blog post needs a boost, a simple Google search can point you in the right direction. Get your post to rank for more keywords by adding new sections according to what top-ranking pages include.

By expanding your blog post to include topics covered by articles on the first page of Google, you can rank for new keywords and increase traffic. This is particularly helpful for boosting blog posts, but it works for other pages as well. Here's the process:

  1. Use Google Search Console to figure out which keyword gets the most clicks and impressions for the page in question.
  2. Search for this keyword in Google and open every result on the first page (excluding ads).
  3. Take note of all the H2s and H3s from those pages, and compare these headers with your own. Could you add any of these topics to your article?
  4. Add sections accordingly.

Just make sure you're adding value. It's not worth it if the new section detracts from the piece, even if it improves your SEO.

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