Tip: Get new customers by creating a related (and free) Chrome extension

To bring new people to your product's ecosystem, it can be helpful to tap into a new marketplace. Increase your brand awareness and get new users by launching a free Chrome extension.

Surfer attributes roughly twenty trials and five subscriptions per month to the free Chrome extension they launched in 2019. The extension now has 220,000 users, and each of those users sees Surfer's logo whenever they conduct a search on Google. More than 1,000 people have come to their landing page through the extension's CTA. And they've received hundreds of high-authority backlinks to boot. Not bad! The extension is specific to their niche and pulls data from their paid tools. And it's also worth noting that they hit the user-jackpot by launching v2.0 at a time when a related extension was transitioning to paid. To get started, check out Google's documentation. Or if you prefer, you can save time by buying one on the cheap.

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