Tip: Get new users by linking your product on competitors' feature requests

If your competitor lacks a feature that you have, some of their users may be primed and ready for your product. Get new customers by keeping an eye on your competitors' feature requests and letting the posters know how you can help.

@rhysdiab of Program Tree posts on his competitors' feature requests and often gets between 10 and 20 trials from it. In his posts, he links his product and mentions how his feature(s) could solve the poster's problem. But he's also honest about its limitations in relation to his competitor's product, which adds a degree of trust. In Rhys' case, his competitor builds on top of another platform and has a dedicated page there where users can request new features. But you can find feature threads like these in Facebook groups, subreddits, Slack channels, review platforms, or your competitors' websites.

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