Tip: Get new users by submitting your landing page to design showcases

If you've got design chops, you can garner interest in your product by showing off its design. Get traffic and signups by submitting your site to UI showcases.

@harshvijay of ruttl got a big spike in traffic (from ~25 visitors per week to ~450) and a couple of new users after submitting his website to One Page Love. Design showcase sites like this and Dribbble are unlikely to be the cause of hockey-stick growth, but they can help while you're searching for your first ten customers — especially if you hit the front page like Harsh did. Of course, you'll need a killer design for that. This approach will work best for products that are geared toward designers and developers, since that's the primary audience that you'll reach.

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    Thanks for tagging me in the post guys! Yes, this is a great growth hack to get your first base of users, specially for designers/developers.

    In case anyone is looking for the top design showcasing sites, here is the list -

    1. Onepagelove
    2. Landingfolio
    3. Saaslandingpage
    4. lapaninja
    5. Muzli
    6. Dribbble
    7. Behance
    8. Thebestdesigns

    If anyone has any questions or anything you would like to ask me, do reply to this thread and I'll share my experience!

    Have a great day!

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    Thanks for the One Page Love shout-out Channing/Courtland!

    I've had some incredible user success stories over the years that I haven't shared publicly (just last month someone got 200+ leads from a feature) as I never wanted OPL to be seen a growth hack channel but rather an appreciation for great websites.

    FYI: according to the newly installed Plausible Analytics in Feb 160k unique visitors arrived.

    That said, if your audience are designers/devs/makers - the OPL audience is perfect for your product/service:)

    1. 2

      Hey Rob,

      Big fan of your work with OPL and EL.
      They are my go to when I need real inspiration without interruptions.

      Thank you for the great curatiom.

      Have a great day!

      1. 1

        Means a lot Michael - thank you!

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    I’ve grown my solo design service, DesignJoy, to $60k MRR largely by this very strategy. Landing page showcase sites have continuously been at the top of my list of referrals for 4 years now. Cannot understate the potential here if your landing page is top quality. 👍

    1. 1

      Didn't realize this was how you were growing DesignJoy - nice! 🙌

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