Tip: Get on podcasts (and grow your audience) by pitching with personalized videos

Being a guest on a podcast can work wonders for your business, but podcasters get pitched all the time. Cut through the noise and let them see what kind of guest you'll be by sending a short, personalized video.

Appearing on a podcast is a great way to grow your brand awareness, promote your products, and get some fresh backlinks. Start by getting some smaller podcasts under your belt, then work your way up from there. Warm up your leads by interacting with their content before reaching out. When you ask to be a guest, let them know why you're right for their audience. And do it with an audio or video clip, as that will allow them to judge your audio quality (you'll want a decent mic first), hear your voice, and get a feel for what kind of guest you'll be. Plus, this personal approach sets your message apart from all the rest. Tools like Loom and Bonjoro can help with the video side of things. And if all else fails, take a look at services like MatchMaker and Podcast Guests.

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    Podcasts for sure open up tremendous opportunities. But my experience so far was that it is tough to get on the podcasts with the right audiences (finding them in the first place and then not being charged with prices which are way too high for an early stage).
    But feel free to convince me differently if you know good podcasts with an app publisher audience :)

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      Yeah, talking to the right audience is a crucial part of this.

      Can't say that I know off any that would suit off the top of my head 🤔 But I bet there are some podcasters around IH that have the right audience and are still small enough that you could get a foot in the door. Heck, there's a whole Podcasters group with over 8k members. Hope to see you behind the mic someday 🎙😎

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    Loved this! I am a HUGE believe in the power of guest podcasting to grow your business.

    We even wrote a whole ebook about it, created a database of verified contact info for over 3000+ business podcast hosts and now we're launching a whole group coaching mastermind teaching you how to pitch, prep, and promote your interviews.

    FREE guide here: https://grow.ourgalaxy.co/pitching-to-podcasts

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