Tip: Get people talking about your product by adding easter eggs

Most users need a very good reason to spread the word about your product, so give them one. Increase word-of-mouth growth by delighting users with unexpected easter eggs hidden within your product.

Easter eggs are fun features that are hidden within products in order to (among other things) get people talking. And they're powerful. SEMrush amassed about 8,000 promotional tweets from users with one set of easter eggs, and that wasn't even their main goal. They were trying to educate users about some new functionality, and since it was Easter, they strategically hid actual (albeit digital) Easter eggs within the new features. When an egg was found, a popup gave the user a clue for the next egg while also offering a pre-populated tweet about the find. The tools that they were highlighting got lots of usage and some remained popular long after the hunt. Your easter eggs don't need to be anything extravagant — something as simple as a hidden joke can work wonders. And remember, your users actually need to be able to find them for this to work.

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