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Tip: Get pre-sales from a new audience by using crowdfunding platforms

Getting paid before you build it — that's the dream. And it's not too far-fetched. Try crowdfunding as a way to sell your idea to new people before going all-in on product development.

When Nathan Chan of Foundr wanted to validate a new physical product idea, he leveraged a crowdfunding platform. Not only was he able to validate the idea, but he reached a new audience and launched the product with pre-sales and capital already locked in. Nathan went with Kickstarter, but other options like Indiegogo could have gotten the job done as well. He emphasizes the importance of making your crowdfunding video and landing page pop — that's huge. Then focus on getting as many sales as possible within 24 hours of launching in order to get your product trending on the platform. That means getting media coverage ahead of time, as well as using marketing funnels, content strategies, and the rest of your marketing toolbox.

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    100% agree, apart from the kickstarter reference here.
    Love kickstarter and your story is about physical products, which is kickstarters specialty. Unfortunately it has not often worked well for software, which is IH core audience.

    I am working on a solution which will help many builders here. Born out of my own observations, needs and struggles, which you have also highlighted.

    Elevator pitch:
    Imagine kickstarter, appsumo & angel.co had a threesome and produced a lovechild with an obsession for SaaS.

    Want to meet that child, message me. Launches next month.

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