Tip: Get some SEO juice by offering your course to universities for free

High-quality links are gold — they give your page a boost on the SERP and improve your overall domain rating. Get solid links by offering scholarships for your course through universities.

Colleges and universities tend to have very good domain ratings. And, as it turns out, these institutions often like to promote the free products that their students have access to. So if you have a course that might be appropriate, consider giving access to schools as a free offering for their students. You might get some solid link juice. Plus, it's free promotion to people who will soon be in your industry. To find likely institutions, start by Googling the following: site:.edu “scholarships”. Then reach out using the school's directory. If they're game, ask for a link from their site.

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    Love this. Thank you!!

    1. 1

      My pleasure. Good luck! 🚀

  2. 1

    I don't want to break this "unicorn" idea, but there are slim to no chances to hook university promote your material to students.
    Unless you're some sort of celebrity like garyvee or any other with credible history, who can show really great results.
    Why would university use "joe schmoe" course if they have enough educated people working on site already, which are paid to teach.

    1. 1

      The idea is that some of these institutions like to show off special deals that their students get. Of course, this wouldn't replace any of their classes — your course would just be an added bonus for their students. You wouldn't have to be Gary Vee, but you're right that you would have to be credible. If your course has a track record of creating real results, that can provide some credibility right there. It won't work for everyone but it's worth trying for some. 🦄

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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