Tip: Get the most out of early adopters by targeting people with relevant audiences

Every customer counts, especially in the beginning. But some customers can push the needle more than others. Improve your odds by targeting people who have audiences similar to your target market.

When identifying early adopters, Blender Market ($261,000/mo) went after prominent artists whose audiences were also artists. When they came on board, these artists saw that the product could benefit not only them, but their followers too, so they were eager to share the news. And since those followers happened to be Blender Market's target market, their reach quickly expanded to highly relevant audiences. It's beneficial for other types of businesses too. For example, if you have a product for bloggers, you could target bloggers who write about blogging. So consider whether a segment of your target market has an audience of likely customers. Reach out to those people personally and give them a great deal, no strings attached.

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