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Tip: Get your product in front of new eyes by partnering with a course creator

Creating a course is a great way to funnel customers to your products, but it can take a lot of time and energy. Partner with a course creator to increase exposure without all the extra work.

Partnering up allowed @DaveRogenmoser of Payfunnels ($10,000/mo) to bring in a significant number of new customers each month without having to build a thing. He reached out to a fast-growing course creator in a related field and worked out a deal: The course creator would recommend Payfunnels in his courses and, in return, Dave would offer the trainees a 60% discount. It's worth noting that this deal was a little unusual — Dave says a standard approach would have been a 30-40% commission for every sale he made via the course creator's recommendation. If you want to find a similar partnership, approach course creators in your industry (there are plenty on IH) or find them on sites like Udemy and Coursera.

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    Great tip! I've partnered with course creators in the past. It's a fantastic strategy for reaching new audiences. And if structured the right way, it can increase a course's perceived value, too.

    If any course creators here on IH want to explore what a partnership with Music for Makers might look like, let me know.

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