Tip: Grow your audience by reposting good content when it flops

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Wise words. If you hear crickets after cross-posting a quality article, try changing the title and posting it again a few days later.

When @xavier of SpreadTheWorld put out his first article, he posted it in several places without much engagement. He got exactly zero upvotes on Hacker News and figured the article just wasn't that great. But later, he learned that the community there is open to reposts, so he gave it another go. The only thing he changed was his title. And maybe it was the title, the timing, or just plain luck, but the post blew up. He hit #5 on the front page with 100 comments, and when all was said and done, the post had brought in over 7,000 visitors, 25 Twitter followers, and a decent number of sales. It just goes to show sometimes content flops for reasons other than quality. And every (good) piece of content deserves a second chance.

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    Love this shit. Repurposing the same content and reaching thousands by simply tweaking the title. Bravo.

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