Tip: Grow your business by improving your personal SEO

Your personal brand can be an important asset to your business. Consider using this five-step process to improve your personal SEO.

Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media Studios created a five-step process to improve your personal SEO. Ready? 1. Optimize your bio on your website's Team page until it ranks at the top of Google when you search your name. Linking your social media pages can help. 2. Make sure to add schema markup to the bio. 3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile with a quality photo, bio, and description of your current position. Make sure to include a middle initial for common names. 4. Claim all social media profiles, even if you don't plan on using them (in which case, link to what you do use). 5. If you're already a thought leader, claim your knowledge panel on Google, set up an Amazon Author page, put your name in the title of some Youtube videos, and ask anyone linking to your social media to link to your website's bio instead.

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    Hi, thanks for sharing these tips. It's something I fight for everyday: before you want to sell your product, sell yourself. Self-branding is an important part of building an audience. Optimizing your personal SEO is a great way to achieve it 👍

  2. 2

    Great points!

    How do you claim a knowledge panel if one doesn’t exist? To the best of my knowledge you can’t creat them either

    1. 1

      Here's some info. But if it doesn't exist already, it'll be harder. That's why #5 is just for established thought leaders. Doesn't mean you can't give it a shot though - good luck!

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