Tip: Grow your email list by adding a "little fella" to your blog

A little added delight can go a long way, especially when that delight also pushes the needle for you in a measurable way. Consider a cutesy way to display your newsletter opt-in (like a little fella).

@Joshwcomeau made nearly $600,000 within a week from his first course. As you might expect, one of the key acquisition channels was his email list, which is about 28,000 strong. What you might not expect is that he grew that from 1,000 subscribers within a year. The recipe was consistency, a free ebook for signing up, and something unusual... a little fella. While visitors scroll through his blog, a cute little character peeks out from off-screen with an unobtrusive speech bubble. It says, "Hi there! Can I share a cool thing I'm working on with you?" And if the user clicks "Sure", they're shown a newsletter opt-in. After adding this, signups increased by 50%. How much of that comes from the additional nudge vs the novelty factor is hard to say, but it works. Even if a little fella isn't for you (or your brand), take some inspiration from this novel piece of (useful) delight. To see it in action check out the gif in this comment or head to his blog.

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  1. 4

    Someone should test the female version of the little fella...

  2. 1

    Most of the little widgets on @Joshwcomeau blog were why I read the articles.

    Example: I would read through most of the articles after I had filled up the little 'heart' on the side of the page until 'popped'.

    Also, I signed up to his newsletter via multiple emails just to watch the popper animation on the website. 🤣

    1. 1

      Haha, dang this guys really knows his stuff 💪

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