Tip: Grow your email list by leveraging a FB Group in the right way

Email lists are incredibly valuable but they can be slow to grow. Create a Facebook Group and convert potential members into subscribers during the signup process.

Facebook Groups were one of the main methods Sean Anthony of GrowthResponse used to grow his email list to nearly 7,000 subscribers. It's free to start, and it allows him to build two assets at once (the group and the list). To create a group that will grow your list, start by choosing a name that hits important keywords and will be enticing to people in your niche — this is important because it's one of the few data points a potential member will have about the group before joining. Create a freebie for anyone who joins the group. Then create the group and use the membership questions to do three things. 1. Qualify the lead (e.g. What kind of business do you run?). 2. Capture the email (e.g. Enter your email address if you want the freebie). 3. If you want, you can share something about your relevant product/service and ask if they want to know more. Then comes the hard part — growing it. Sean says that consistent posting from your personal account while linking to the group(s) from your bio should get you your first 100 members. After that, Facebook will know your demographic and start helping you out. To make the whole process easier, Sean uses Group Funnels to port the email addresses into Active Campaign.

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    This is brilliant. I do almost this exact playbook in the SEO for the Rest of Us FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/284809692364900

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      Nice! Glad to hear it's working for you too 🙌

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